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Raven Crow


Connecting and working with Spirit is about pure love, light, and healing. I offer evidential mediumship readings, Spirit healing, and Spiritual assessments. The Spiritual world wants to help and connect with us. In fact, they are very excited to help and connect with us.  

Contact me below to book. 


Serving Humanity and Spirit with Healing and Love


Spirit healing is a beautiful act of service that is available to all. All that is needed is trust and faith.


During healing sessions, I allow Spirit to use me as a channel. This is quiet and peaceful. Spirit sends their healing energies to the Spirit body of the recipient.


I offer distance healing, phone, and on zoom. If one is local, I am also available in person.


If you, a loved one, or animal is in need of healing please contact me.

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I believe our natural state is Spirit and we never truly die, only change form. Those that have left the physical body continue to live in the Spirit World and are learning, growing, and evolving just as we do here in the physical. A mediumship reading can be one of the most intimate, healing, and life changing experiences. While Spirit decides who comes through, they are always excited to connect bringing messages of love, healing, and survival of so-called death. 


Each reading is 45 minutes, and the cost is $45 


Spiritual awakenings can be confusing and difficult to understand. Spiritual assessments are amazing in helping you understand where Spirit is leading you, your abilities, and where you are on your Spiritual path. This is a Spirit led session where I connect with my guides and your guides to bring clarity and insight on your gifts, abilities, and your Spiritual journey. These sessions can bring great insight, clarity, and comfort. 


The cost for the 45-minute session is $45.

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Alecia H

The reading was so accurate and insightful. I have already been telling my friends about this reading. I highly recommend if you are doing chakra work of any kind.

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Medium Jamie Miller

Why I do this

Since my earliest childhood memories, I have always wanted to help others and be of service. I did not know what this would look like or how I could be of service to others. I tried many worldly things to fill the need my own Spirit was seeking. 


After many hardships in my own life, I quit everything and sought healing for myself. This was the first step in starting the next chapter of my life. I did not start this thinking I would be a medium. It took several years of healing, classes, and my own inner seeking to find my path. I continue to work on my own personal development as a human and Spiritualist medium. My intention is to be of service to Spirit and those around me. This work is about service, healing, and love. It is my personal goal that after a session one feels better than before the session. I believe healing is possible for everyone and everyone should have the opportunity for healing. 


I work continuously to be an open and clear channel for Spirit. This includes personal spiritual development, classes, and regular circles. I am also a card holding member of the Spiritualist National Union. I have dedicated my life to being of service to Spirit and helping others. 


For information on readings or to book a session please contact me below.





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