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Servant of Spirit and Humanity with Love and Healing


Psychic Reading

During a psychic reading I connect with your energy and the energy around you with pure love and healing. There are no limits, and each reading is tailored to the sitter. Psychic readings are beneficial for confirmation, clarity, and guidance in many or all aspects of one’s life. 

Mediumship Reading

During a mediumship reading I serve spirit as a channel for the sitter. This is a service to a Spirit who is no longer in a body and can be life changing and healing for the sitter. For a mediumship reading, I am connecting directly with spirit to help them bring forth evidence of their continued life beyond the body. I do not choose who comes forth during a mediumship reading. The spirit that needs to come forth will come. Often times more than one Spirt will come forth. Mediumship readings are always purposeful and done with love. Our loved ones want us to know they are still here with us and often mediumship readings bring healing. 

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Spiritual Assessment

During a spiritual assessment the goal is to discover what your abilities are, how to recognize them, and where you are on your soul and spirit path. This is all about the Spirit world, my guides, and your guides. This is a great way to gain clarity on your own abilities, your soul journey, and your spiritual path. 

Animal Communication

Deepen the bond with your cherished animals companions through my animal communication services. I specialize in bridging the communication gap between you and your furry companions, offering valuable insights into their thoughts, emotions, and desires.


Communication can be done with animals whom have transitioned to the spirit world and those still living with us in the physical.


Sessions are 30 minutes and cost $40.


For questions or to book a session email

Jamie Miller and her dog
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